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Fullstack developer & entrepreneur

"Since I was a kid I've been fixing problems. As an engineer I make things happen."



Start right away

A trustworthy partner that speaks your language.


Smart Piloting

I love to code and I can take the lead. I'm mission ready.


Pro toolkit

I can take many hats and adapt fast to become a handy tool.

gabriel sarmiento
"When I was Campus Ambassador at Station F, the largest startup campus in the world, I realized that I was contributing to the success of many foreign entrepreneurs.
I enjoy helping others get things done faster.
I'm a founder and I know how to build products user oriented products.
I'm passionate about building tech enabled solutions with a global impact."

My profile can be very useful in the following cases:

check Startup owners who want to build a top tier team.
check Top recruiters who want to help me transform my salary by working abroad.
check Young companies with exciting ideas who need support for taking ideas to the next level.
check Entrepreneurs who want to get the right guidance by someone who've already done it.

Smart Freelancing

I'll be working on a mission to serve your interests.
Est. Duration: 2 - 4 weeks

Mission oriented PM

Want a leader and a doer that can take full ownership of a product.
Est. Duration: 6 - 16 weeks

Outsourcing CTO & joint ventures

Finally, I put my operational capabilities and my tech experience to make your project work.
Est. Duration: +12 weeks.

I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English and French available immediately for a call.

You can book a 15 min meeting call right away down here