Boost your startup and move ahead in Paris

Guidance for foreigners founders and 'Passeport Talent' holders to get things done



Fast&Soft landing

A cheatsheet with tricks and shortcuts to get things done faster if you've faced a roadblock with your business or your new life in France.


Smart Piloting

Set cruise control for dealing with the french ecosystem, opening bank accounts, getting grants, social welfare, hiring and taxes.


Gain momentum

Paris is an expensive city, getting ahead means savings. Accomplish things in less time if only you knew the right person to assist you.

gabriel sarmiento
"This is like dating coach but for startups. As Campus Ambassador at Station F, I’ve also been instrumental in the success of many foreign entrepreneurs.
I love the startup world.
I'm a founder as well.
I'm just like you.
I'll help you unleash all the benefits I already got via La French Tech Visa."

The advice can be very useful in the following cases:

check Startup owners who want to venture into France
check People who have tried the system and want to streamline and optimize their efforts
check Startup professionals who want support in their business exercise or social protection processes in France
check People who want to learn the benefits of a French Tech Visa for them or their families
check Entrepreneurs who want to help with the registration, hiring, financing and knowing all the possibilities to expand their startups

1 year pack: 499€

Call me anytime during a year to get an experienced point of view for any issues regarding your startup, registration, hiring, outsourcing or understanding the french ecosystem.

One hour: 75€

Simple 1 on 1 consulting by the hour

2 hours: 125€

Expand without restrictions

Meet me at Station F or do it remotely, here's my phone +33 06 22 25 63 94.
I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

You can also book a meeting right away down there