Boost your startup and move ahead in Latam

Guidance for founders to launch and sell in latam



Fast&Soft landing

A cheatsheet with tricks and shortcuts to get things done faster if you've faced a roadblock we know how to do business in latam.


Smart Piloting

Set cruise control for dealing with the local ecosystem, benchmarking, market insights, hiring and more.


Gain momentum

Add Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru to your pitch deck. Accomplish things in less time if only you knew the right person to assist you.

gabriel sarmiento
"This is like putting on autopilot your expansion. As Campus Ambassador at Station F, I’ve also been instrumental in the success of many foreign entrepreneurs.
I love the startup world.
I'm a founder as well.
I'm just like you.
With my team and contacts I'll help you unleash the latin american culture for your business."

The advice can be very useful in the following cases:

check Startup owners who want to venture into Latin america
check People who have tried to expand and want to streamline and optimize their efforts
check Startup executives who want support their business exercise overseas
check Entrepreneurs who want to get strong leads by those who already know the local market
check Startups who want to get help with their sales team to meet their KPIs

Phase 1 pack: 2.100€

Fast 3 week Market research and benchmarking: to get an experienced point of view from 20 CEOs or decision makers from large businesses regarding your startup sector.

Phase 2 pack: 2.800€

Fast remote commercial team setup: I'll recruit your ideal remote commercial team. A group of sales talent getting things done for you while you sleep.

Phase 3 pack: 99€/month

First customers acquisition: Explore several alternatives without restrictions. We can work under any way either a 20% commission fee for everything sold; 50-50 profit sharing; fixed discounted price and final margin goes to the commercial team.

Meet me at Station F or do it remotely, here's my phone +33 06 22 25 63 94.
I speak Spanish, Portuguese, English and French.

You can also book a meeting right away down there