We as tech foreigners shouldn't be treated as strangers

I really like to guide anyone who's willing to make it. No matter your background or country we will find a way to solve it.


We can collaborate and assist each other

I believe we need to learn from our peers, the problem is the culture and language stops people from learning and doing it more efficiently. We are not islands and we can exchange experiences in meaningful conversation.


It's not a one shot only

Even though your startup idea might not be 'successful' the whole purpose is to keep trying until you make it happen, you can pivot and in fact la France has many top resources to use.


Talking from the voice of experience

I know that there's always room for improvement, but my experience will get you farther. I'll try to share all the knowledge as a founder,as a parent and as a colleague thtat I've collected for the past year since I began this expat journey.


Don't waste time and money as I did

I just want more people to focus on the important issues of their businesses and less on burocracy. I'll try my best to prevent you from making some of the mistakes I learned from.